Understanding your financial lifecycle

Understanding your financial lifecycle

Can I afford to stop working? Will my kids have financial security during my retirement? How much should I be saving this month?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, this podcast is worth listening to. In it, our experts explain what the three key stages of your financial lifecycle are, as well as detailing some of the most important questions to ask yourself at each stage of your own financial journey.

Tax and financial planning are often perceived as being ‘dry’. The kind of things that we know we should be paying attention to, but even with the best intentions, it’s easy to become side-tracked by ‘shinier’ activities.

We understand that financial affairs are personal, and the notion of sharing what our dream financial status is with an advisor can be difficult. But when our clients open up, we’re much better prepared to help them achieve their financial goals. Often, taking that first step and deciding to create your own financial plan is the hardest part. From then on, we’ll help you to engineer the route that’s best for your individual financial goals and ambitions.

Listen to the podcast in full and let our experts – Anna Hills, personal legal needs expert, Alison Pryde, tax specialist, and Benjamin Mitchell, Chartered Financial Planner, guide you through your financial lifecycle need to knows.

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