Anderson Strathern Asset Management to extend reach after sharp rise in funds under management

Anderson Strathern Asset Management to extend reach after sharp rise in funds under management

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve hired Adam & Co advice director Ken Davidson to lead our Glasgow office.

Ken takes up the role of chartered financial planner, following over seven years with Adam & Co in Edinburgh. He was previously an associate director at HSBC Private Bank, and was with the Royal Bank of Scotland for more than 13 years.

Our Chief Executive Graham Clark said:

“Having identified untapped potential in Glasgow over the last couple of years, the timing is right to have a more dedicated presence in the city – getting Ken on board to lead the provision of financial planning advice and guide our team is a great result.”

We’ve also grown our funds under management from £250m in 2020 to £341m in 2021 at 31 December. Graham explained:

“Market uplift contributed positively to this result, with an equal contribution from an increase in business from both new and existing clients. By sticking to what we know, we have been able to steer the business in a steady and progressive fashion. We run model portfolio services internally, but because that doesn’t suit every client, we also conduct market wide due diligence on external investment firms to ensure we have sufficient range and capability to address as wide a variety of client needs as possible.”

Phillip Ross, our Chief Investment Officer, said:

“The recent increase in market volatility and the likelihood of future rate rises supports a diversified and disciplined approach to investment. We have seen some clients crystallise capital gains in anticipation of a hike in capital gains tax hikes, while more general fears around future tax rises drive the need for an even closer focus on financial planning.”

In January, Anna Gratwick was appointed to the newly-created role of head of financial planning, working closely with our financial planners, and sitting on the investment committee.

Anna will split her time between the Edinburgh and Glasgow offices, providing additional oversight to help drive the new Glasgow office forward.

Graham said:

“Anna is a highly valued member of our senior management team, key to strategy development, while advising a range of private individuals, trusts, charities, and companies.”